Open-Source Development with meow

Hello every nyan! Welcome to the HappyNeko website, where we hope to bring you a community, or even a growing community of developers of all trades and skill levels.

HappyNeko isn't some faceless company in todays social climate, out to just make a buck, we are hoping to be a large community of friendly and like-minded people, with a passion for software engineering and development as well as community projects that all skills levels can work on, even in a quality control environment and tester stages. No matter your skill level, we will welcome you with open arms and help you along your chosen developmental path.

We are also hopeing, should we find the talented artists, animators and writers, to develop our own community games, large scale multiplayer titles, or small simple indie style games. Our passion is to build a product, for fun, education and all around good vibes.

So come join the HappyNeko Community Nya!