Professional Hosting

We offer free hosting not only of game servers but of the very applications you are developing within the gitlab instance. However, in order to be able to host your application, you need to specify the resource requirements and any required backend services it might need.

However, since money doesn't quite literally grow on trees, the current size of the infrastructure is frozen - at least until we took care of those big n scary red numbers giving some of the administration nightmares. As a result of that, hosting may be terminated due to lack of usage or need, for example. And resource limits will be set as per your requirements in order to prevent impact on other applications, especially if your application is deemed critical.

Depending on the kind of application you want hosted, and the impact it may have, the administration will decide whether and where to place it in our critical or non-critical infrastructure.

Our hosting is managed by the administration team; complete self-management is not an option. However, if you deem yourself capable and already are a raccoon, feel free to apply.

You will, however, be given a namespace with limitations, in which you can de-facto self-manage everything within your project's CI/CD.