We have developed an in-house, dnd-influenced RPG system and anyone is welcome to join our sessions as long as they are in for a challenge - because it really is not trivial and more than that, players are learning the mechanics and how things relate as they play - there is no central tome holding all the answers, but for the GMs which in turn keep it a closely guarded secret, going as far as to sign NDAs for what is shown and explained to them in order to be able to host those sessions, effectively banning them from being players yet also allowing multiple GMs to take care of one and the same session.

Past sessions are recorded in an ongoing project, The Adventures of Gregoran, as a book written by the GMs and being the closest thing there is to such a "tome holding all the answers", as its "Extras" part holds all information that has been discovered by players to this point, or are considered general knowledge in regions the players came into contact with. For the purpose of keeping this knowledge from being lost, expanding and keeping this part of the book takes precedence over anything else. This "Extras" part of the book is also the only source of truth for actual information a player can rely on, as no false assumptions are recorded in it.

For reasons more-or-less obvious, it is debated whether the project should switch to being its own website instead of a PDF. The answer as to why it's a PDF? Well, "historically grown" fits quite well. As such, and due to the expansive nature of the topic, it has it's own website.