From video games to the Tabletop RPG and back - we play, we laugh and we beat each other senseless with inherent pleasure, depending on the game in question. As such, we have active groups of members playing

As well as many more games that do not offer the possibility to host our own servers for them. In this regard, we take pride in hosting each and every server for games which offer the ability to do so ourselves, on our non-critical infrastructure and provide staff coverage for them on a 24/7 basis. However, specifically for game servers, hosting is special:

And last, but not least - every game server is its own project found in the respective group, with everything regarding the server management and configuration being within the server's repository. And the issue management for the related server is to be seen as it's ticket system - which is one of the reasons server access is password gated and the password is on the project. It ensures that anyone playing