Code of Conduct Appendix C, dealing with Games

Games and their respective Servers.

Please find Below a link to the Game Servers page of our Gitlab which will list all the respective games, community rules, server rules, as well as server connection credentials. All information can be found in the wiki of the game's Gitlab project, which contains game-specifics.

I - Usage of cheats

Usage of cheats, including runtime modification, is explicitly forbidden.

Special Cases

The following lists are inclusive/all of the items need to be guaranteed.


A violation of this rule results in an immediate ban and report to the administration. The effected user will be flagged and is banned from participation in competitive events til further notice.

Whether the game ban is permanent or timed is up to the respective maintainer. The duration of the ban from community events is to be decided by the administration.

II - Grieving

I dont actually know what it is... only that it be bad... @con u do please

III - Hosting

Game Servers may only be hosted on NC (Non-Critical) Infrastructure.


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IV - Raccoons

Raccoons must always be granted any kind of administrative privileges on any game server linked to HappyNeko in any kind or fashion.


Raccoons need to be able to perform their duties as outlined on Raccoons .


Gameservers not adhering to this rule will be shut down. The maintainer will be warned. In case of an active obstruction/staff or maintainers denying privileges to the Raccoons, they may lose their respective status as such.

V - Game specific Staff

Game-Specific staff members have to be denoted on a "Staff" Wiki page within the respective game's project. Said wiki page has a template it needs to adhere to, which can be copied from the "Generic Game Server" Project.


Staff members need to be documented in a place outside of the game itself in order for others to have an independent source of truth in case someone poses as a staff member.


If the game's maintainer fails to keep the page up to date, one may lose the responsibility of being such.